Origin Stretch & Spa

Origin Stretch & Spa offers a variety of services that can make a difference in your daily life. Our primary goals are to help you feel better, look younger and live longer.

We offer Assisted Stretching, Infrared Sauna, Waxing, Facials and Peels.

Join us at our convenient West Hollywood, California location. Please visit our list of services and see how we can make a difference in your health and wellness. Hope to see you soon.

Origin Team

GeorgiosStretch Therapist
Georgios is a trained physical therapist and personal trainer with over 20 years experience.
As an Esthetician for over 12 years, Selina makes it her top priority to balance and enhance your skin’s natural radiance.
Michele has been a Medical Aesthetician for 15 years and has helped physicians create their own Skincare Brands.
Meet Our Team


The best wellness practice I have ever encountered by far. Everyone is delightful, the facility is welcoming and spotless, and the IVs and vitamin injections I received make me feel like a million bucks. Garrett, the nurse, is the best medical professional with whom I have ever interacted, anywhere. Doctor’s office, hospital, anywhere. He is kind and understanding, he knows his stuff, and, overall, he is is tops in his field. He is all the best of the nursing profession rolled into one. Don’t like needles? Get over it. No one can set a needle the way he does. Go there. You will like it.
Jonathan, from Yelp

Beautiful space, quick and courteous service! Garrett is the best! Period! He cares, he is attentive and he has really helped me get balanced again with the variety of shots he has to offer. And the kicker for me? When I was going thru a hard time, he messaged me and said come in, let me take care of you.

Christina, from Yelp

This is the solution to the most of my health issues, my feel better place, whenever I am tired, stressed, sick or just need a little “pick me up” help, Rehab Wellness medical center is there for me, amazing knowledgeable personal, beautiful space, great location, implacable service, and tons of good stuff! As I travel a lot for work, change of time zones, different weather and just airplanes exhaust me, when I am not feeling well it’s hard to stay on track keeping full schedule, dieting and exercising as well; So I go for help to the best medical pro, Garret, who is tremendous at what he does! Leaving the practice I always feel better and more energized! Try it, you will be very happy you did!

Iryna, from Yelp


West Hollywood

Origin Stretch & Spa
1106 N. La Cienega Blvd #206

West Hollywood, CA 90069

P: 323-380-7907


Monday thru Friday 10AM – 7:00PM
Saturday 10AM – 5PM

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